· London based AIDrivers Ltd designs, develops and delivers Ai enabled autonomous drive software and integrated self-aware solutions to port operators globally.

· Largo Robotics produces autonomous electric tow tractors for indoor and outdoor use in the logistics field and autonomous indoor robots for retail environments.

· The two companies will work together to create the next generation autonomous electric tow tractors and robots by combining AIDrivers’ AIOS Autonomous Intelligent Operating System with Largos’ robotics expertise with the potential of a global rollout.

London, UK, 22nd June 2021: AIDrivers and Largo Robotics today announce their collaboration agreement. AIDrivers is granting…

· London based AIDrivers is providing Ai enabled autonomous mobility innovation to PSA Singapore to retrofit trucks and cranes with autonomous drive technology.

· AIDrivers Ltd designs, develops and delivers Ai enabled autonomous drive software and integrated self-aware solutions to port operators globally.

· PSA Singapore operates the world’s largest container transhipment hub in Singapore, handling 36.6 million TEUs of containers in 2020.

London, UK, 17th March 2021: AIDrivers was awarded an Autonomous Prime Movers (APM) proof of concept project in October 2018 by PSA Singapore. The goal is to retrofit Ai enabled autonomous solutions for horizontal mobility automation at…

AIDrivers signs Exclusive Partnership Agreement with Singaporean company, B-Robotics, to share autonomous mobility software for accelerating light-weight and micro robotics for commercial and industrial applications

· London based AIDrivers Ltd designs, develops and delivers Ai enabled autonomous drive software and integrated self-aware solutions to port operators globally.

· B-Robotics Pte Ltd produces light-weight and micro robots with a standardised 5-minute charging Ultra-Capacitor charging system for 24/7 “Robots-as-a-Service” for logistics, security and cleaning of commercial and industrial buildings.

· Together they will cooperate in a joint venture partnership agreement to further develop AIDrivers’ AIOS Autonomous Intelligent Operating System for small robot platforms and solutions to accelerate the robotic adoption for logistics, airport and smart city applications primarily in Asia with a subsequent global rollout.

London, UK…

Transport Events Webinar 5th March 2021


Dr Rafiq Swash: Founder, AIDrivers, UK

Jon Arnup: Founder & CEO, Trent Ports Group, Singapore

Aldo Ferrufino: Director, Ports Solutions Jacobs, UAE

Peter Boshoff: CEO, Remy InfoSource, Singapore

Jay Pandya: Director, IGO Solutions UK

This group of esteemed leaders from the port industry focussed on Ai and the integration of solutions to drive forward the development of ports ensuring resiliency and appropriateness for the future. The technologies offered by each company disrupt the port industry by introducing new practices, innovative techniques and a whole new way of managing port terminal operations.

Dr Rafiq Swash: Founder, AIDrivers, UK

Dr Rafiq…

AIDrivers and SICK AG to jointly develop sensor intelligence and safety for autonomous mobility in ports.

· London based AIDrivers Ltd designs, develops and delivers Ai enabled autonomous drive software and integrated self-aware solutions to port operators globally.

· German based company SICK AG leads the industry standard in sensor equipment in factory, logistics and process automation.

· Together they will collaborate on sensor intelligence for autonomous mobile platforms with a focus on improving sensor safety standards for ports.

London, UK / Waldkirch, Germany 1st March 2021:

AIDrivers and SICK AG today announce their collaboration in sensor safety and sensor solutions in autonomous mobility. The two companies will enhance the current product and Ai enabled technology…

The 4th Industrial Revolution in Ports


Frank Kho: Kho Management BV

Lamia KERDJOUDJ-BELKAID: Secretary General, Federation of European Private Port Companies and Terminals

Marcel van de Pol: Program Director, Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA)

Boris Wenzel: Managing Director, Terminal Link

Pat O’Leary: Head of Technology, Port Equipment Manufacturers Association

TOC Digital brought us a series of excellent webinars in 2020 and so it is welcomed to see 2021 start with the cornerstone topic of the digitalisation of ports. This is a very relevant and insightful discussion worth a careful listen by all of us who operate within the port sector.

AIDrivers is very proud of…

What do you love about your job?

Technology is moving at a faster pace than ever. New developments are making life easier and more fun for people. It makes me feel excited when I think about how much our minds can do. I love being a part of this changing world which requires continuous learning and hard work. Every little contribution in that sense keeps me motivated and satisfied with my job, which is what I love.

What did you love most when studying?

I graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Turkey. Like most people, I have good memories about my…

What is your background and education?

After completing my Batchelors in Information Engineering in Xian, China I obtained my PhD in Computer Vision in 2015 from the University of Turin in Italy. Continuing my tendency for globetrotting, I came to the UK to do Doctoral Research at the University of Lincoln exploring more aspects of computer vision. Now I am in the London office working for AIDrivers in the Perception Team.

What area do you work in for AIDrivers?

I lead the Perception Team. We are an expanding unit based in London, but we do collaborate with our offices around…

AIDrivers ventures into hydrogen

Looking to the future of Ai enabled autonomous vehicles, AIDrivers knows it must strive to reinvent, innovate and push boundaries to develop even cleaner, more efficient technology. Harnessing hydrogen is the next revolution.

Two of the core principles of AIDrivers are sustainability and efficiency. The delivery of economic and environmental sustainability in AIDrivers’ Ai enabled technology comes from constantly endeavouring to transform and improve. A step change in this progress is the new partnership with US company Hyzon Motors Inc to jointly design, manufacture and distribute hydrogen powered autonomous trucks. …

Aidrivers enters partnerships with US based Hyzon Motors Inc to jointly produce autonomous hydrogen powered trucks to provide green tech for ports.

  • London tech company Aidrivers will provide the industry cutting-edge Ai enabled autonomous technology to automate a new generation of hydrogen powered trucks
  • Aidrivers currently provides solutions to ports, airports and logistics chains globally
  • Hyzon Motors develops hydrogen powered vehicles and clean energy solutions
  • Together Aidrivers and Hyzon Motors will jointly develop autonomous hydrogen powered vehicles with the first demo truck in 2021 and fleet deployment in 2022

London, UK, 20th January 2021: Aidrivers and Hyzon Motors today announce an agreement to jointly develop an integrated platform to produce zero emissions trucks, buses and coaches. These vehicles will be for industrial…

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Aidrivers is accelerating the world's transition to autonomous vehicles and robotics.

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