Aidrivers and Total Soft Bank join forces on effective implementation of autonomous solutions for efficiency and productivity in port operations

Total Soft Bank is an industrial logistics solutions company that has been providing leading-edge technologies for more than three decades. Now, as it develops innovative operating systems in port automation, the Korean specialist has teamed up with Aidrivers to work together on effective implementation of autonomous mobility automation that meets the industry’s needs for a sustainable future.

Busan-based Total Soft Bank has signed an agreement with London-based Aidrivers, the global specialist in AI-enabled autonomous solutions and autonomous retrofitting capabilities for industrial automation, to look at the opportunities to service the market. The focus of the agreement is on developing autonomous container handling and mobility solutions that meet operational needs for safety, productivity, efficiency and resiliency.

“We will be collaborating on opportunities to address the market’s needs for port terminal automation where each party’s skills and expertise may complement the other’s,” said Dr Rafiq Swash, Founder and CEO of Aidrivers. “We are excited about the possibilities ahead as we work together with Total Soft Bank to deliver AI-enabled autonomous solutions which deliver the efficiency, safety and resilience required by the ports industry. Our AI and autonomous solutions are designed to eliminate downtime and deliver zero waste, to contribute to decarbonisation in ports and logistics.”

As well as its expertise in the creation and application of autonomous simulation, Aidrivers’ experience and proven systems across digital twinning, V2X-enabled fleet operator and business intelligence with environment perception map will be central to its work with Total Soft Bank.

There are clear synergies between the expertise of Aidrivers and that of Total Soft Bank, whose expertise in maritime logistics solutions includes ship automation, terminal operating systems (TOS), Port Community Systems and simulators.

Mr J.S. Choi, chairman and CEO of Total Soft Bank, said: “We look forward to working closely with Aidrivers as we explore and evaluate opportunities together. Since our foundation in 1988, Total Soft Bank has been devoted to developing solutions for the maritime industry. Our agreement with Aidrivers reflects our commitment to innovation and to supporting terminal operators as they explore the opportunities offered by automation for the most productive and efficient port operations.


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