Supply Chain Challenges

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We have been seeing further upheaval in the UK ports sector, with new rounds of industrial action at the ports of Felixstowe and Liverpool. As Container xChange, the logistics technology platform, has noted: this action has put Europe’s already overstretched supply chain under increased pressure.

Coming up fast behind is China’s Golden Week at the beginning of October, when factories will shut for seven days, disrupting the smooth and predictable flow of container shipping volumes.

Events such as these highlight the interconnected and high-pressure nature of our global ports industry; they also highlight the vital need to create resilient, efficient, effective and optimised port operations which can help to streamline the logistics and supply chain network and smooth out the peaks and troughs for the benefit of businesses and consumers alike.

Gone are the days when we can fall back on ‘traditional’ port operations with all their inefficiencies and fluctuations in productivity. The successful ports of the future – and the ones we really need – will be those that embrace solutions that deliver resilience, productivity and flexibility.

AI-enabled autonomous solutions for horizontal transport and industrial automation will not only deliver resilient operations with high levels of productivity and efficiency; they will also create safe, effective industrial environments. Aidrivers is proud to be working with partners around the world to plan, design, simulate and implement the AI-enabled autonomous ports industry of the future!



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