The Data Preparation to accelerate Ai framework for ports

AI & Resiliency — PTI Webinar 19th May 2020

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Robbert Engels, Director of Product, PortXchange (Port of Rotterdam)

Dr. Eva Salvesberg, Senior Vice President, INFORM Software

Dr. Oscar Pernia, Director of Automation & Process Engineering, Terminal Investment Limited

Dr. Csaba Boer, Chief Product Owner, TBA

Data’s role in the future road map for resilient ports and its operations optimization is critical. This was the thread that weaved its way through all four speakers’ talks in the PTI webinar which addressed the role of Ai drivers algorithms in creating resilient ports. Each speaker addressed the headline topic with ingenuity and insight offering practical and applicable innovative solutions.

It is acknowledged that the fragmented data processes in place right now are sub-optimal which means Ai drivers’ algorithms is not being used to maximum advantage. Robbert Engels emphasised that if we collectively ‘shine a light on data’ to use what we have available right now and create new data, we will dramatically improve business agility. This was echoed by Dr Boer who demonstrated the value of AI in the example of predictive analytics and evaluations of equipment to reduce costs and downtime while increase the efficiency.

This latter point has been the focus of Aidrivers as it has researched, developed and implemented AI enabled autonomous solutions for industrial mobility automation in ports globally. Stringent data collection and usage is vital to deliver the most forward-thinking solutions to port operators that meet the immediate needs. AI requires behavioural data to build upon itself and progress. Aidrivers incorporates this principle as a core part of its model.

Dr Eva Salvesberg’s message was loud and clear. To counteract the current bad management of data which hinders the optimisation of processes, the industry needs to implement ubiquitous data standards, ownership rules and the ability to exchange data. She stressed the need for a paradigm shift in data preparing, processing and management using AI to establish the resiliency needed in ports for future sustainability.

The opportunities for AI to deliver a dynamic and flexible framework were the focus of Dr Oscar Pernia’s talk. The concept of open and connected data to create a connected intelligent eco-system is what he believes needs to be done to establish sustainable terminal and port businesses.

Once rigorous appropriate behavioural data practices are in place the machine learning and AI functions flourish. In turn this is a step change in developing ports able to withstand pandemics and other disruptions. Aidrivers welcomes the consensus that we need a step change in intelligent data processing and management to fast-track ports to the next level.



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